About Me...

Daniel Wilkins Graduating at the University of Winchester


I am 24 years old and I graduated from the University of Winchester with a 1st Class Honours in 2019; having studied Digital Media Development. I am currently working at Aer Studios as a 'Junior Front End Developer' where I am thoroughly enjoying learning exciting new technologies whilst working on varied projects.

From my time studying Digital Media Development at the University of Winchester, I was able to undertake a range of different projects which challenged myself in various ways. To view my work please visit my work page.

Interests and Hobbies

Other than having a strong enthusiasm for website development, I also love playing the drums. I have been drumming for approximately 11 years and have studied up to Grade 5 Rockschool drums, achieving qualifications in grades 1-4. Furthermore, during my time at the University of Winchester, I was a drummer for both a jazz band and a concert band, performing in different types of concerts for the university.

Another aspect I have an interest in is football. Despite not playing for a team, I am a huge Manchester United fan. I love to visit matches at least once a season and when not, I make sure I cheer them on from the sofa.

Main Skills and Areas I have Experimented with

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Industry Work Experience and Employment

'Aer Studios', Box

June 2022 - Present (Full-time Employment)

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So far, I have mostly enhanced understanding of React and TypeScript as well as getting to grips with development environment setups using Git.

Most recently, as part of their rebrand, I was given the brilliant opportunity to build the company's new website. This predominantly used WordPress; building a theme from scratch using HTML, SASS and JavaScript. I worked both independently and as part of a team; recognising Git branches and deployment processes.

Overall, I have improved front end coding knowledge whilst working within a exciting and evolving company.

'Dentons Digital', Westbury

22nd October 2020 - June 2022 (Work Experience Leading to Full-time Employment)

Dentons Digital Logo

I have gained in-depth industry experience within a successful digital agency by working on both websites across a broad client base and on an internal project. In return, this has provided diverse work within CMS/eCommerce platforms (mostly WordPress, WooCommerce and Magento 2) and opportunities to boost MVC framework knowledge through PHP concepts and the PHP template engine ‘Smarty’.

Everyday tasks have varied from resolving website bugs and installing/configuring plugins to implementing front-end/back-end amends and Magento 2 builds. Magento 2 builds have involved using a page builder and additional code to replicate created WordPress design concepts. Furthermore, other build tasks have included undertaking CSV imports, establishing shipping, tax and payment methods and undertaking cross-browser/device testing. Throughout, I have also utilised developer tools including SSH/terminal, FTP and database software as well as improving understanding of server tasks such as creating subdomains and using ‘Softaculous’ software to generate test websites.

Overall, I have mainly enhanced WordPress, back-end and problem-solving knowledge whilst also strengthening my skillset with new eCommerce technology know-how.

'OJO Solutions', Bradford-on-Avon

28th October - 29th November 2019 (Work Experience)

OJO Solutions Logo

I was set a variety of tasks to complete across a range of existing projects whilst also being able to explore different areas and processes of the company. This included undertaking research regarding bug fixes and understanding how to integrate certain features into current projects. Furthermore, I undertook thorough cross-browser and device testing for a web application before its release, highlighting issues to be resolved and communicating these with other team members. One final main area explored involved creating UX wireframes for an existing project. This then allowed myself to create a couple of responsive and cross-browser web pages utilising HTML and CSS whilst also using JavaScript/jQuery to integrate additional functionality where required. Overall, I was able to gain invaluable experience of working within a successful digital solutions organisation whilst also expanding my knowledge and skillset within the digital industry.

'Coullweb', Basingstoke

12-23 November 2018 (Work Experience)

Coullweb Logo

I undertook many tasks which included making front-end page edits through the use of 'HTML' and 'CSS' and producing a fictitious clients partner page, allowing for filtering of clients by category via the use of 'WordPress'. I also undertook the task of creating a fictitious register and login system, allowing users to create an account as well as being able to log into their account and reset their password if forgotten. The technologies utilised for this were 'PHP', 'WordPress' and 'MySQL'. The final task that I undertook at ‘Coullweb’ was to create a landing page, utilising 'HTML' and 'CSS' to achieve this.

'The ICE Agency', Winchester

8-12 October 2018 (Work Experience)

The ICE Agency Logo

Following designs provided by the company and demonstrating my approach, I undertook the task of creating both a home page and about page of an existing website. Utilised technologies included 'HTML' and 'CSS' with 'Flexbox' being adopted to help structure sections of each page. Furthermore, 'WordPress' was used to create ‘Page Templates’, allowing for custom-built web pages. The 'WordPress' plugin ‘Advanced Custom Fields’ was also utilised, enabling editing of certain fields on each page. In addition to this, I was introduced to other new areas including 'Gulp JS', 'Bitbucket', 'Sourcetree' and 'Emmet'.

What I'm Currently Doing...

Between graduating from the University of Winchester in 2019 and becoming an employee at Dentons Digital, I occupied my time by undertaking a range of programming activities which can be viewed below.


At the beginning of 2020, I created a 'Codecademy' account, signing up as a 'Pro Member'. I then mostly made progress through the 'Web Development' career path.

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Since finishing my degree at the University of Winchester, I either continued existing project work or started new projects to help maintain my skills as a website developer.

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'YouTube' Tutorials

In addition to utilising 'Codecademy', I also viewed tutorials on 'YouTube' whilst following along to help enhance my understanding of complex technologies.

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View more about me through my Live CV