Game Project

Brief: "Work in teams to create a game design concept for an instructional computer game aimed at 11-15 year old children."

The story of our game is that, as a selected character of your choice, you have to fight through the 'World Education Boxing Association' against a variety of characters. You fight three characters in the 'Home Zone', four characters in the 'Regional Zone' and six characters in the 'Global Zone'. The purpose of the game is to defeat these characters and then a special skilled character at the end to receive the title of 'Heavyweight Quiz Champion of the World'.

For this project I assisted in the design aspects of the game as I produced ideas for the character select menu, quiz aesthetics and ideas in general. As is evident above, the first four images relate to the character select menu. I conjured up three different designs to add variation and then decided to make a digital version of the first one as that is what me and my group decided on. This was sent to another member of the group to look at and build on. I also created a couple of colour palettes in order to provide ideas of the types of colours which could be used in the quiz section of our game. The three images at the bottom display the final game in action, made by other members of my group.


Mobile Device Project

Brief: "Create a prototype of a mobile, portable or integrated device. It will be the process from an initial concept idea through to designing a visual prototype of the device and an interface design of an application running on the device."

For this project, me and my group chose the idea of a type of smart ski goggles which would enhance the skier's experience. Some unique features include a sensor alongside the goggles which clips onto the skis, used to inform the skier of what their balance is and at what angle the skis are positioned. We went from designs to actually 3D printing the sensors which would fit onto the skis and link to the ski goggles via Bluetooth. We didn't 3D print the actual ski goggles as it was too complex to do in the time we had remaining. Below you can view the promotional video for our product and how the interface would work if the device was made (made by other members of my group).

Promotional Video of Ski Goggles  Video of Interface in Action

With regards to this project, I created various designs for the ski goggles and the actual sensors which would fit onto the skis. As is evident above, there are the designs of the ski goggles I made along with some initial ideas and designs of where the set up buttons could be placed (to set up the device before using it). My main role for this project was to make the 3D sensors in 'Cinema 4D'. After finishing the designs in 'Cinema 4D', I then rendered the one we had all agreed on and labelled it in a diagram (as can be seen above on the bottom left). Finally, I utilised the 3D printer to make a 3D printed object of the sensors which is apparent in the image at the bottom in the middle. The final design for the ski goggles can be viewed above in the bottom right (made by another member of my group).


Interactive Design Project

Brief: "To devise an interactive 'activity' to engage audiences while visiting the DMD End of Year Show (EOYS) which is on Wednesday 29th March in Week 11. The theme should be 'engaging with digital media and/or digital technology'."

For this project, me and my group decided to produce two different interactive activities where we would divide into two groups of two. One group helped make the coding activity (explained below) and the other group helped produce a card trick activity where somebody would pick a card and then using a web page, the card that the person had picked would appear on the screen.

With regards to this project, I produced several sketches and ideas of what we could possibly do for the End of Year Show as can be seen above. My main role was creating the coding activity, coding the web page where the user/visitor could edit parts of code and view the end result in the website browser. I also came up with the questions for the quiz aspect of this activity on 'Kahoot!' where the user/visitor would have been able to consolidate what they had learnt through a fun and interactive educational quiz.


Portfolio Document - More Detailed Development Work of Projects